About us

About Romad

In 2009, our highly professional team started developing and implementing in the form of an application software product an innovative, new and unicast approach to detecting malware.


At this time, our team brings together more than 40 experts:

  • Malware analysists;
  • Bioinformatics and data;
  • Scientists;
  • Machine training specialists;
  • Software developers

Our aim has been as simple and as ambitious:

Malware global elimination.

We have created and successfully implemented Malware Genetics ™ technology, which is the next logic evolutionary step in EDR methods.

Our technology opens up new possibilities of destroying malware on the global scale by efficiently eliminating cyber-criminal ecosystems.

Success stories


«On June 28, ROMAD successfully coped with its task and blocked the "Petya A" malware on the personal computers and the server which M.E.Doc worked on. 

«Western European Telecommunication» LLC

ROMAD has been installed on most computers in our network as well as on the server. That's what helped us protect ourselves from the devastating effects of WannaCry, Petya and similar virus attacks and not to stop the workflow.

ROMAD EDR has shown good results, so we plan to continue to use this product.


At the time when the NonPetya virus attack took place on June 28, 2017, the equipment with ROMAD EDR protection was not affected by the data encryptor. This product also successfully prevented NonPetya from re-encrypting a number of computers from our network. At the moment, ROMAD EDR protects our enterprise’s computers on a regular basis. We declare that we are delighted to cooperate with the ROMAD EDR developers and recommend our business partners to use it.

Odessa International Airport LTD

Some segments of the IT infrastructure of the Odessa airport (http://www.odessa.aero) were attacked by the NonPetya virus on June 28, 2017. At that time, the cyber-protection software manufactured by ROMADtm was tested. All workstations where ROMAD Endpoint Defense was installed, successfully repelled the NonPetya virus. This is why Odessa airport has choosen ROMAD Endpoint Defense.