New release. May 2018. Version 1.19.37033.

New release. May 2018. Version 1.19.37033. #1
2018-05-30 19:42

New release. May 2018. Version 1.19.37033.

«+» new functionality;

«*» changes that do not affect customers;

«-» fixes.

ROMAD client

Version 1.19.37033

+ Genetic Sequences tm added for malware families CoinMiner, Telebot, Enigma, Sage, Scarab, Ursnif, Exmas, Jaffrans, Saturn, Wadhrama, HiddenTear

+ ROMAD supports Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Redstone 4

+ Genetic Sequencestm are now better handling heavily packed & protected malware

* Added additional Spectre/Meltodown compatibility after a set Microsoft fixes. The changes to the OS are global and degrade the performance of the system call intensive applications. The changes are known to affect the OS stability as well. ROMAD does not recommend to apply the updates above Windows 10 16299.125. However ROMAD EDR is fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 17134.81 update.

* Diagnostics subsystem is improved

* Self-testing algorithm is now better compatible with the 3rd party classic AVs simultaneously working with ROMAD

* Genetic Sequencestm format changed. Incompatible with 1.19.36407

- Genetic Sequencestm metadata refactored

- Sometimes it was impossible to put the malware file to quarantine

- The error is fixed while the Malware Genometm database update

- The error is fixed while the detector was processing the system calls meta-information

- The Malware Genometm database update procedure is refactored

- BSoDs that were appearing in some rare circumstances were fixed