New release. January 2018. Version 1.19.36407.

New release. January 2018. Version 1.19.36407. #1
2018-01-29 18:59

New release. January 2018. Version 1.19.36407.

«+» new functionality;

«*» changes that do not affect customers;

«-» fixes.

ROMAD client

Version 1.19.36407

+ Quarantine added. Malware files are placed to quarantine. The rollback can be performed within the administrative panel if necessary.

+ Genetic Sequencestm tm added for malware families Samcrex and Wadhrama

+ The sensor is added to detect the mimikatz-like activity (lssass.exe suspicious patterns to prevent the specific lateral movement technique) 

* Genetic Sequencestm tm format changed. Incompatible with 1.19.35788

* The journal GUI is changed

* The license expiration message is changed

* Added Spectre/Meltodown compatibility after Microsoft introduced KVAS

* The sensor to detect the shadow copies deleting is refactored

* The system calls metainformation system is refactored

- ESET compatibility is fixed (there was a mutual lock on ESET and ROMAD that led to a complete OS stall. The problem was reproducing with the ESET Endpoint Antivirus)

- Genetic Sequencestm updates logic is refactored